Mobile phone cover surface defect visual inspection equipment

Release time: 2019-11-25

  Defect detection on machine cover surface

  As one of the most important components of smart terminal products, the glass cover of mobile phones has a huge market stock and growth potential, which is the focus of competition for many countries and enterprises. Among them, testing is the last process of glass cover production, which is the key to product quality control. However, at present, the appearance inspection of glass cover plates by domestic enterprises is manual inspection, which results in many shortcomings such as low detection efficiency, high rate of missed detection, and rising labor costs.

   Background of the project:

  fter the assembly of the mobile phone and tablet electronic products, in order to ensure the quality of the product before shipment, the glass surface, back cover, side, and arc surface of the mobile phone need to be inspected in all directions. The test contents include scratches, gaps, and dots Foreign matter (such as particles, glass beads, air bubbles, etc.), indentation, unevenness, jagged, dirty, electroplated paint, different colors, etc. Make the screen display different solid-color backgrounds in turn, and detect screen defects such as bright points, dark points, screen defects, and poor backlight.

  1. Low manual detection efficiency, high missed detection rate, high labor cost

 2, expensive equipment for mature testing abroad

 3, 2.5D or 3D glass cover surface defect detection difficult

  Based on the above 3 points, Advantech has launched a set of visual inspection systems to solve customer pain points